a little splurge today. . . .

  1. I call it a splurge because I'm a SAHM of 3 kiddos. . . . I'll probably only get to use her a few times a year, but I've SOOOO been wanting one!

    It was all innocent actually, just going to visit Shannon, my fave SA ;) and she had it in black, white and red lamb:drool:

    Oh and I know the last pic isn't Chanel, but I've been needing something to go inside my bag to supplement my wallet, this is perfect adn cute to boot!:tup:

    I chose this one:
    IMG_1945.jpg IMG_1949.jpg IMG_1952.jpg IMG_1954.jpg IMG_1955.jpg
  2. fabulous, swanky!! i honestly love the caviar clutch but i know for sure i will get zero usage for it.. no glamorous ballroom parties in my life right now..
    i'm surprised it fits alot when i saw it IRL! congrats!
  3. Love it!
  4. WOW!!!They r both gorgeous!As u know I have that LV bag too and I think its so cute!
    ADORE the caviar clutch!!!
  5. we have a lot of dinners w/ people frlom DH's job and we go one at least a few vacays a year - just enough to get to use it once in a while!
    Thanks y'all, I'm stoked!
  6. I love the clutch!! Congrats!!!!!

    Did they have the white in lambskin? Do you know the retail on the lambskin?

    Enjoy your new bag!
  7. Congrats Amanda!! I love the clutch, I have one just like it and I love it!! I love the LV piece, I have a similar one and you are right it is soooo cute!
  8. LOVEEE it!!!
  9. beautifullllll! i want alllllllll these chanel pieces! ;)
  10. :biggrin: thank you, me tooooooo!:love:

    I think she only had lamb in red. . . I *think* it was about $1250-ish.
  11. congrats Swanky, gorgeous clutch and pochette.
  12. Wow, we are clutch twins--I LOVE me also!!! I just purchased mine this week and broke her in today at lunch!!

  13. Fabulous new purchases, Swanky! :love:
  14. ooh I'm giddy! Too bad the DH is in town, I'd set her on my nightstand so I can ogle her! LOL!
    Maybe I can take her out for date night next weekend{?}
  15. Beautiful timeless clutch.. I know I am going to get it one of these days.....congrats!!