A little something toasty!

  1. The weather has turned cold here in the northeast US and I thought it was the perfect time to buy these - navy cashmere H mittens! How cute are these? I wore them this morning and they kept my hands nice and toasty! Ah!! Sometimes, it is the small things that make you happy. :love:
  2. nice!
  3. they are so sweet
  4. So you!
  5. they look cute
  6. Super cute! love them!:yahoo:
  7. precious!!
  8. Lovely NS! Here's a pic of my cashmere hat I bought before x-mas -- and it's also come in VERY handy lately lol! Stay warm ninja sue!

    secret santa 001.jpg
  9. Shoes darlin' if it is cold where I live it must be arctic by you! Love the hat!!
  10. Super cute!
  11. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have wonderful taste!!!!
  12. Perfect day for it today, very cute!
  13. oh so warm and cuddly!!!!
  14. Sue...soooooo cute!! Love them!!!