A little something to suppress my Groom urges...

  1. I got myself a Scarfy and it looks so good on my Saleya! I am in lurve! A little something to suppress my Groom urges! :yahoo:

    Just wanted to share~! :flowers:
    GROOM SCARFY!!.jpg
  2. very nice...is it the bandeaus or the scarf? I heard that there is two kinds...looks great on your Daimer...sweet!
  3. Wow - that's gorgeous - you have great taste ! EnjoyNow I want the Saleya even moooooreeeeee
  4. Scarfy looks gorgeous on your bag! I love it!! I've just about bought everything from the Groom collection, except for the agenda and scarf, and now looking at how gorgeous it looks on your bag, I feel like buying Scarfy!!
  5. Hirondelle~ Go get it! I love the Saleya, it's a swell bag!

    guccci~ It's the Bandeau(I think... the smaller one) and fits my bag just nice!
  6. congrats :love:
  7. Very nice! Love that bandeau! Looks awesome on your Saleya and the bow you tied looks great!!! :love:
  8. G O R G E O U S
  9. Oh that looks very nice :love:
  10. So CUTE!!!
    Ban, I am on a ban!!!! Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
  11. what a great idea!
  12. suppppper hot
  13. That looks great - so so cute!!
  14. Love it!!
  15. LOVE IT..and....WANT IT!!!! LOL!