A little something...REVEAL!

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  1. I'm a lover of all SLGs and added a little DE gem. Anyone around?
  2. Me me, lets see. I love slg, in fact a tad obsessed with them.
  3. Here😊
  4. Here! :nuts:
  5. Just a moment...my photobucket decided to konk out on me
  6. Let's see!!!!!
  7. Sneak peek...any guesses???
  8. A mini pochette???
  9. +1
  10. here!!😄
  11. TADA...

  12. You ladies are good!
  13. Sorry double post.

    Very nice op, I am using mine now
  14. love it... just curious how many LV slgs do u own
  15. I have 8 so far and have more to go :smile: I could've bought my Trevi by now, but I'm such a sucker for SLGs!