A little something from Tiffany!!

  1. Thought you might like to see this!


    It sure is a big bed for a little dog lol! Its Biba' Christmas present :heart:
  2. Priceless! LOVEEEEE IT!
  3. OMG, if i didn't insist on Darby, my kitty, sleeping with me on the bed, I would buy him that bed! It is sooooo cute, and it looks like Biba is loving it. Lucky Biba :o)

  4. Awwwww J, that is too cute!!!!! :love:
  5. That's adorable. I would totally buy that for my Chi, but he'd much rather sleep with me in my bed.
  6. awwww cute cute cute! That pillow is AWESOME, can you get that at Tiffanys?
  7. I love it!
  8. So sweet and cute!
  9. How cute! :love:
  10. **OMG**OMG** cutest pic I have seen ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is your little Chis name? How precious!!!

    (if you can't tell, Chis and T&Co are my two fav things, so seeing them mixed makes me giddy! LOL)
  11. OMG - too cute !
  12. Eek! So precious. :love:
  13. OMG! That is soooo adorable! Where did you get it?? I must get one for my little princess!

  14. beautiful! just beautiful! that is soooooo cute! tiffs is one of my fav. things and i can't believe they came out with that! genius!
  15. OMG where did you get that???