A little something from Chanel!

  1. So I went into Chanel looking for new earrings, but they didn't have anything nice. And just when I was getting a little disappointed, I found this beauty instead!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


  2. That is cute!!!! Did it have matching earrings???
  3. Very nice. Enjoy!
  4. How much did that cost? Also how does Chanel jewelery usually run?
  5. cute, I have a belt like that, I love the white, looks great against black. congrats
  6. Very nice!
  7. Oh I love it. do you have an item number? I want to call my local store and order one. can you post a pic wearing it, I want to see how long it is.
  8. Very nice!!
  9. that's so cute! it'll match with just about anything.
  10. that's really cute... great pick!
  11. Wow...it's very nice! I like Chanel costume jewelries!
  12. Cute!!!! Congrats on your somthin' somthin!!!!!!
  13. so pretty!
  14. It's very nice!!
  15. very pretty!