A little something for my Kelly!!!

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  1. I know it sounds silly but I got my Kelly a little Christmas gift: a Lion Cadena!:wlae:JPG didn't want to share her Pegasus so Kelly needed it's own charm! I did learn (thanks to all of You, lovely ladies) that cadenas each represent a specific year - Lion, in fact, is the birth year of my son!:yahoo:I must admit that when I got my Pegasus charm I had no idea about all this year/charm connection (I am MAD about horses so Pegasus seemed like a great choice to me) but it so happens that Pegasus came out in 1993 which is the year DH and I met!!!:nuts: So, there you go! I don't feel guilty now! Needless to say, all my girlfriends think I am completely insane!:wacko::lol:

    I also wanted to add that when I initially WAS bitten by the H bug I was DYING to have a Birkin! I guess that is one of the H bags you always hear about but I find that I LOVE my Kelly so much! I find that I take her out more often and when I don't, I miss carrying her!:love:



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  2. That is adorable Irene!!!
    Looks super cute on your kelly baby!!!
  3. Kelly's looking mighty fine there, Irene! :P
  4. That's really adorable and it looks perfect on your Kelly. You are going to have to change your screenname, I think you are becoming H_addict.

    Off topic, but I love your bedding ensemble, it is really beautiful.
  5. Very nice Irene!
  6. Love it! She is such a gorgeous, vibrant color and she now has fabulous bling!
  7. I love your Kelly, too! The lion is rare! Congrats on finding one!
  8. ohh :biggrin: it's so pretty!!
  9. Lovely, Irene! I just can't get over the gorgeous color of your kelly. You have such great taste :nuts:
  10. kelly & lion, forever!:heart:
    (gorgeous couple!):P
  11. Beautiful!! They look wonderful together! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  12. I am drooling in a major way. Love Miss Kelly and her lion!!! I agree, the kelly has been flying under my radar until recently. Now I have been seeing so many TDF kellys that I may want a kelly first????

    Congrats. The lion looks perfect on Miss Kelly.:heart: :heart: :heart:
  13. I am just so sure you put that big pic of the orange kelly to shove that baby in my face. You know I love it and it looks HOT!
    :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  14. CONGRATULATIONS! You are so lucky to get this. It's sold out practically (almost) everywhere! Looks great on your Kelly! What a match.
  15. Irene, the lion is one of my top favorite charms. It looks great with your Kelly and how wonderful that it is an emotive piece for you, too!