A little something for me.....

  1. Oh my, what could this be? For me? Why yes, I'll sign for it! :devil:
    NA 1 (2).jpg NA 2 (2).jpg
  2. Arrrrggghhh noooo! I want to see what it is NOW LOL! :p
  3. Hold on... I see the words "small box"? Is it a pochette or agenda or lexington?
  4. Please show us :yes: .
  5. Haha, eeebil! Shooow it!
  6. *The Sophie*?!?!?!:confused1:
  7. This isn't fair...:drool:
  8. Show show show!
  9. awe., what is it? I can't take the suspense..
  10. Oh :nuts: Pouchette? Cles? ;)
  11. OMG pictures STILL aren't up! LOL
  12. I don't know why the original poster hasn't put up any pictures of the actual item yet. Possibly she didn't get anything. :shrugs:
  13. ^^hah! ValleyOppressed is a tease!
  14. Wow this is quite a long tease!
  15. *Waits* I hope you haven't gone to bed yet!!! I wanna see whatcha got!!! :nuts: