a little something for DH

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  1. Fedex just dropped this off and I had to share. Its nothing big, just a keyholder. I figured I'd thank him for all of his LV surprises with a little LV for him this time. I told him I had placed an order for myself, but its really for him :biggrin:

    nice bow? lol


    and the heatstamp on the inside done in silver

    Now to find his spare keys and attach them before he gets back from the gym!
  2. Wow it's beautiful! Lucky him!
  3. Aw, that is so sweet of you! :heart:
    I got my boyfriend a Taiga 6-key holder, but the graphite looks nice!
    LV makes great key holders! ^_^
  4. It's beautiful. Congrats!
  5. Super cute! My DH loves Damier Graphite!

    Congrats to him!!!
  6. cute ! congrats......
  7. love graphite! congrats to your DH
  8. How nice! This is on my wishlist.
  9. Nice gift!
  10. Really nice key holder!!
  11. Very nice!!
  12. Nice!
  13. How nice! The heat stamp is great, it looks wonderful on the black.
  14. Oh I love that you did that for him! That was so kind of you. I am sure he will love it and the initials look great.
  15. Very nice, he'll be very happy!