a little something for a guy..

  1. Im going shopping in charlotte in may and I want to buy a little something for myself from Hermes because I always get something from Louis and I want to switch it up =]
    any suggestions of something to get?
    i already have a belt.. I kind of want something in a wallet/keyholder/small bag/pochette... i dno for sure.
    id love an enamel bracelet with the H on it.. I might end up getting that
    but id just like some other possible ideas =]
    i dont get to go to Hermes often, ive only been to one twice, so i dont really know what there is.
  2. Hizzle..

    There are so many mens items...No one does ties like Hermes (if you're a tie guy)
    Their cufflinks are pretty affordable too and every man needs a nice pair of cufflinks.

    The cotton they use in dress shirts and polos is very nice . My own DH has some.
    They have wonderful messenger bags and wallets of all sorts.

    You could also go for a nice pair of Loafer to match your belt.

    Don't forget to try out their colognes either. I love Equpage and Eau D' Hermes for a guy.

    Chalotte is a great store. Every SA they have is a pleasure to work with. Let us know how your trip goes.
  3. oh i lovee terre d'hermes, the deodorant and the cologne lol.
    i dont know really how much ill be able to spend... i have a feeling i wouldnt be able to buy a messenger lol.. and plus my mom would kill me since i just bought a louis backpack in late february..
    about how much are their wallets?

    and also... ive been wondering this for a while.. what does DH stand for lol
  4. Their wallets range widely....you could get a small card case called a Clarisse in Goatskin for $650...I think a small dogon is around the same in Togo... for a more traditional bifold you can go upwards of a few grand for lizard and crocodile. It really depends on the size and leather.

    Let the SA know you're looking for something under such and such amount. They should be able to help. You might even want to call in advance to see what they have in your price range.

    DH stands for Dear Husband:smile:
  5. oh haha
    gues ill never have to use that term

    ok ty =]
  6. Pocket Square!!!!
  7. what are pocket squares good for? I really love the designs (I'm a guy too) and i would like to get one but i want more use than just stuffing it in my blazer when i go out, 1.) i dont really like that look too old school and 2.) you dont actually see much of the design rather boarder. so what a masculine way to wear a pocket square?
  8. True Billfolds in Epsom start at 1k and usually go up. You may be able to find some styles for 950 but it varies from store to store depending on stock. The Clarisse is sort of like a LV cles but doesn't have the key strap. The PM size is like 390 while the GM size, more of a clutch or pouch, is 550. There is a small pencil case called the Piccolo that can be purchased for 450. Agendas ranging the gamut. Ties are a little under 200. I don't know what else..
  9. I would get a pocket square. :heart: So many lovely designs. I guess you could use it many ways, like a semi tie, a sort of bandana and well.. uh a pocket square.

    Other than that there are the most famous ties in the world, allthough the designs aren't as fun as the ps usually.

    Or get a cadena for your KEEPALL!
  10. I have my eye on the horse and buggy tie in Black..So good looking.
  11. NM, one of the male SAs wore a pocket square cravat-style under his shirt. Very old world chic.
  12. Hizzle, I bought my DH an evergrain wallet for Christmas and it's so very soft and he's really enjoying it!
  13. Hmm, well I actuall was considering a pocket square to buy before prom..but that is all I would ever use it for, being 16 I don't have too many formal events to attend haha. Mayby a tie though =].
    TRL i like the sound of the Clarisse and the Piccolo..
    those would be definate possibilites.
  14. I'm due for a Clarisse pretty soon. My LV wallet went through the wash :sad: