A Little Something Dilemma

  1. Hypothetical situation ... Let's say your were just informed that sometime this year an item of interest may show up. It is something that is on your to-get list BUT it's at the bottom. And now, it may show up before all of the to-get items near the top. Will you take it?

    I'm having a bit of an indecisive moment here ... I got a few months to decide still but some input will be nice. TIA:flowers:
  2. What's the dilemma if it is still on your list? You should just get it. Otherwise you will just fret over NOT getting it.
  3. I don't have to have it, it's something I'll get if I've gotten the Birkin, JPG, Kelly, and Bolide ... hence the dilemma. you still think I should get it when it comes?:nuts:
  4. What is it, do TELL:graucho:
  5. It's exotic, it's pink, but it's small. Is it just me or something doesn't sound right in that sentence?

  6. :confused1: :confused1: LOL!
  7. Kou:

    well..you've said it..you don't have to have it. so..no!
    if it's on the "to have to have" list..then go for it! :heart: :heart:
  8. OK, I say go ahead and get it but only if it is something you are not going to regret later. You seem to buy a lot of stuff on impulse and then really regret it. (Now I am certainly not trying to be critical here, I have those moments too, more often than I really care to admit.) If you really like this item, and more importantly will really use this item, then by all means get it. If, though, you have even the tiniest doubt about the item DO NOT buy it, you will only end up angry with yourself later.

    P.S. Will you be able to use some of your store credit to buy it?
  9. I kept telling myself if I decline the small ostrich Muse that may be coming this year, then I can apply $3700 of that toward this little something but I'll still be short by a thousand or so. I think at the moment I'm leaning toward if I unload X amount of items then I'll get it, otherwise no. The more important thing is to get the normal-size bags on my to-get list ...

    And if I get the blessing from my sis and friends on the ostrich Birkin in AU, then I will jump at it and this little dilemma will resolve itself.:lol:
  10. ^ Wait and see about the Au Birkin. Then, re-evaluate. Let us know!!
  11. ^ I agree...
  12. Get the Au Birkin! :graucho:
  13. :roflmfao:
  14. whichever comes first. if it's on your list, then it's ok to get. is it possible to get both?
  15. I, too would wait and address the issue at the time. You might see it and have to have it...or you might see it and think....I can live without it.