a little slice of ottone..

  1. hello dear all..
    missed you so much..:heart: *hugs*
    have been in silent mood since the tragic loss of my dear brother in late sept. may God bless his soul.
    i am trying to get back to the things i love doing.. like hanging in our lovely PF..
    and here i am guitly with a piece of ottone!
    i bought it at the end of summer.. i didnt get a chance to enjoy/post it..
    however i cant describe how i love using my Bottega Veneta corallo wallet each day!! and this make up bag is sure going to be my next love :love: the color is amazing and i love the simple zipper free shape.. will leave u with the pics now :shame:
    thank u for passing by :heart:



    makeupbag1.jpg makeupbag2.jpg makeupbag3.jpg
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. :flowers:

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous ottone makeup clutch. It is just breathtaking. :love:
  3. May he rest in peace.

    your ottone makeup bag is gorgeous. the color ottone looks good on both large and small items. i love it! congratulations!
  4. I love your little gem!

    Be strong, be happy:heart:
  5. Love your makeup bag. My sincere sympathy to you on the loss of your brother.
  6. We are so glad to see you are back. Lots of hugs to you.
  7. so sorry about your brother. i cannot imagine how hard it must be.
    your ottone make up case is fabulous. enjoy it.
  8. We missed you too! As others have said, may your brother rest in peace and in your heart.

    Perfect little bag for you, vanilla_addict!
  9. so sorry to hear about your loss. may he rest in peace.

    enjoy your beauty! its awesome!
  10. so sorry for your loss :flowers:

    we missed you too....welcome back!

    you take such great pictures...the beauty of this piece really stands out...very nice! :heart:
  11. vanilla_addict, may your brother's spirit always guide you along. I remember reading about your loss in the general discussion board, I was so touched by everyone's thoughfulness and how wonderful tPF is. Welcome back.

    Thank you so much for sharing this beauty. Love the colour and love the size. I would love to get one myself!!

    PS: My 10 year old son just passed by, looked into my screen, and said, "Tell her I am sorry about her loss too. I understand how she feels, cuz I lost my granma this July."
  12. vanilla_addict, my deepest condolences to you. It’s hard losing a loved one. I lost my brother when I was 15 and I still miss him to this day.

    On a happier note, glad to see you back on board. Your Ottone make up pouch is gorgeous. I’m still eyeing the bigger one – as a clutch. Do let me know if anyone sees one. TIA.
  13. Mystiletto
    golden's mom

    :heart::heart::heart: thank you dear all for welcoming me back and for your kind caring words.. you're all extremely sweet :heart::heart::heart:
  14. <hugs so hard> thank you for welcoming me back sweetest :heart: you are very kind indeed.. bless you :love:
    ottone is such a lovely color! its warm not too shiny nor too dull.. just the right mix of fashion trend and elegence! :yes:

    ps: awwww hug him for me will you please!! bless his little heart.. may his granma memories bring joy to his future. so touched my eyes teared. do thank him for me sweet heart and tell him his words really made a difference in my day spirit although thousands of kilometers away! :heart:
  15. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I'll send good thoughts to you and the rest of your brother's family. Glad to see the sunshine committee really stepping up there. There are some great people on this board!

    Love that make up bag/color!