A little silver something...Peltroooooooo

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  1. I had been looking for a new BV wallet for awhile and after seeing jburgh's peltro cabat really wanted that color. Well, up popped a new continental BV in Peltro on ebay so here it is with my makeup bag...can't remember the color name. I just love BV metallics!

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  2. FANTASTIC!!! MY favorite color of all time!!!!!!!
  3. Yahoo! Congrats!!! Absolutely beautifully gorgeous!
  4. It's BISANZO :graucho:
  5. Thank you!!!
  6. Its gorgeous. BV metallics are so classy. Congrats.
  7. Beautiful! Congrats!
  8. Thanks ladies...
  9. enjoy it....
  10. Great find! Love it. Congrats!
  11. Wow, aren't you lucky! Your new Peltro wallet is a beauty.
  12. Wow! I agree, that wallet is a beauty! Enjoy!
  13. wow shimmery shiny! Congrats!
  14. What a find! Peltro is beyond beautiful!
  15. o0o0o0o I love peltro
    no one does metalics like BV