A little sign better than none at all ....

  1. Tonight's a rare occasion for Mr Sparkles to be home early (well, 10 pm is considered early for him; Usually he would still be at his work desk making conference calls to the US and UK).

    I'm here at the PC, and he lying down to read "my" trashy magazines. He picked my the latest issue of Hello and scanned the pages. He stopped at a picture of VB with her Orange Birkin (like this one below) and asked "Is this a Birkin?"

    YEAH! I made fun of him and praised him that he's finally got it. He was amused and smiled. And left for the TV room to unwind ....

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

    VB and Orange Birkin.jpg
  2. :dothewave::dothewave::dothewave:
    congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another dh perfectly programmed LOL!!!!
    that is terrific, what is your secret?
  3. LOL!!

    I always find it amusing when my DH will say something like, "Oh man can you believe what Britney did with her hair....what was she thinking!?!" I usually just look at him like this :wtf:

    Then he tells me, "Well what do you expect, you leave People and UsWeekly laying around everywhere...what am I suppose to read?!"
  4. LOL! :roflmfao:
  5. my dh also reads my 'trashy' mags and is very aware of who's who now lol!! Although I prefer to keep the H bags and their prices out of his sight!!!
  6. Um, not to be rude, but I think he's learned by osmosis (and saturation)--with all the H floating around your house, he's bound to recognize a Birkin!!:p
  7. Mrs S, Mr S sounds like a great hubby!You are a lucky gal! What kind of birkin do you think VB is carrying in the picture?
  8. I don't have a plan, HC. Mr S has come a long way, from being a PHH to one who appreciates what I like. :p

    Very recently, he said he needed to budget a couple of Birkins. He said it's 10K today. Who knows when it'll be 30K in the future! :nuts:
  9. LOL :lol:, asa.

    Having seen you toting your 40cm Birkin and tricia's croc, this man has to learn fast, hasn't he? :graucho:
  10. No floating H receipts in the house for sure!
  11. IMO, this is better than him recognizing a Birkin. It's planning ahead for more!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  12. Good job Sparkles!~ You have him right where you want him now:graucho::ninja:
  13. Nice for now, jag. He better not make a U turn on me!
  14. Oh dear god no! I eat those things....just to make sure there isn't ANY possibility of them being traced! :p
  15. He is!! :yes: