A little saffiano reveal

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  1. After much debate with the help of some ladies here, I've made my first Prada purchase. Surprisingly, DH has more Prada than me, I'm normally a MJ, miu miu, Chanel kinda girl. So I'm happy to join this community that has been nothing but nice. who wants to see???
  2. I also got a little friend to go with her.

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  3. Here she is. they call it a cosmetic pouch on the website. In cameo. I didn't think it would fit much but after trying it out I think it works. I bought the little friend to help out.

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  4. A card holder. Not sure of the name of the color. super slim.

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  5. #5 Apr 23, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2014
    Here's everything I managed to fit inside. It can actually hold a lot and I like that there's 2 deep pockets inside. I got rid of the hand sanitizer and can still squeeze my raybans on top, though it's tough to close. The zipper is still a little stiff but I think that should loosen up with use. My phone fits as well and it's a little bulky (Moto G).

    Does anyone know of I should have received a dustbag with this bag? it was just wrapped in tissue paper.

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  6. And here's a pic of my little girl. She was a good sport while mommy shopped. She loves bags already. Happy early mother's day to me! (and push present). Going back on my bag ban.

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    Congrats on your purchases! The bag fits quite a lot, more than I thought it would. I haven't seen that particular bag in cameo IRL, and I must say it looks great in that color! The cardholder is cute too!

    As for the dustbag - I'm frankly not sure, haven't purchased a bag that size from Prada yet (the smallest bag I have from them is the saffiano tote I have (2316), and that one came with a dustbag). All my bag purchases came with a dustbag (even the nylons) - but then again, they were all bigger than the pouch. Perhaps someone else can chime in on the dustbag question?

    Congrats again on your pretty purchases! Enjoy them in good health! :biggrin:

    P.S. Your daughter looks adorable lugging the Prada bag around!
  8. Thanks!!! So far I'm loving it though its only been a day :smile:
  9. Great choice, cameo is IMO one of Prada's nicest colours! Do you mind taking some mod pics :graucho::biggrin:
  10. Gorgeous!
  11. Congratulations! You finally got it! It's such a gorgeous colour and the bag is super cute. I have to get one. The card holder is cute too. Do you know what it's called or style number? Is it in tamaris colour?
    I'm sure your going to get lots of wear out of the bag, and the crossbody option is going to be so easy for you.

    I don't think that particular item comes with a dust bag. But you can always call the boutique and ask.

    Happy Mother's Day present to you! Enjoy!
  12. Congrats! That pic of your daughter leaving the store with the Prada bag is hilarious haha. Gotta train them while they're young XD
  13. Here's a pic of me today with a little bump :smile: I think the strap is a little long but there are 5 adjustment points on each side so I can make it shorter.

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  14. I'll have to look up the style number but yes, that is the name of the color. Tamaris. I'm not sure if its part of this season. They said it was the last one they had. Its a little softer than the bright pink that is out now which is why I like it. I think it coordinates perfectly with the cameo. :smile:
  15. They loved her at the store. She tries to steal all my bags. Lucky girl will inherit a nice collection :smile: and its true to start them young. I was taking her to miu miu boutiques as an infant.