a little sad but happy

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  1. I sold my speedy 25 on eBay and used the cash to buy a 35. I got it from interesting shop. The preowned website. http://www.2nd-handbag.com/f09.htm Thats my purse. I was wondering if anyone else has a 35? is it too big?
  2. I only have a 30 but I would not mind getting a 35
  3. Oh, I think lots of people here have the 35 and even the 40. Big bags are GREAT (speaking as a Mahina XL owner :yes:) I love the sag on the bigger speedies. I'm sure you look FAB.
  4. i have a 30, but i wouldnt mind a 35. the bigger the better
  5. I have the 35 and I love it very much! It's a great size and not often to see. Enyoy it!
  6. ooo i was eyeing up that 35! hehe i noticed it had sold :smile: hehe nevermind. I owned one a little while a go, i used it more as luggage than anything else
  7. A 35 would be nice.
  8. love my 35!
  9. I used to have a 35 and never really thought it was too big because I love big bags but then I started carrying things I didn't need in it, just to fill it up and it started giving me shoulder pains and pains in my arm so I sold it and got a 25.
  10. :tup:

    lol yeah that was me. I bought it! It was such a good deal and the bag was in good condition
  11. Yay congrats! I would use that as an overnight bag. The 30 is too big for me too though. I love my 25. It's gorgeous and looks to be in great condition.
  12. its gonna be a good day bag cuz i carry so much crap. Diapers, make up my small lv pochette. water bottle. So Im excited to get it
  13. I had the Speedy 35, but gave it to my sister. It was awkward for me, since I have a Damier 30 and a Mono 40, I never used the 35. I use the 40 strictly for travel and the 30 for everyday. I always felt the 35 to be too bulky for me for daily use, but that's just ME. Good luck deciding. Maybe when I see the new White Speedy watercolor 35, I may totally change my mind about this size !!!!!!!!!
  14. i love the 35 size, i have one and love it. i like it better than the 30. i don't think it is too big since i use it as a work bag.
  15. It's going to be a shock going from 25 to 35 but I think after a bit of time you will probably love it and wonder how you ever carried the 25. Congrats to you! Looks like a fabulous deal:smile: