A little reveal.....

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  1. Anyone around to see what just came in the mail?

  2. A live reveal, I'm here !
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467230231.307094.jpg


    With and without flash. I needed the black one to go with my pistachio one. The pistachio is green and silver and the other is black and gold. I had to snag it since the style is being discontinued. My only disappointment is there aren't any trees inside the lining like in my older one. It's just straight black material. But either way I do so love her! I really needed a small black versatile piece to grab for going out to dinner or quick trips when not with the kids. Currently I am using the green as a wallet / clutch inside of a larger bag. I love being able to pull out this little baby and sling it over my shoulder or cross body and go!
  4. A nice little buy and a great colour. Congrats. I used to shy away from clutch styles but I now get why they are so popular. I love a cross body too !
  5. Hey, if you love them, why not? Great versatile bags. Congrats!
  6. Lovely, congrats!
  7. Sweet little bags. The black is quite handy, and the pistachio is such a pretty color. Such a shame the style is being discontinued... you were smart to grab them! :smile:

    ETA: Oh... wait. I wasn't reading carefully. The the black one is new; you already owned the pistachio one. Now you have two, in the same style. Silly me for reading too quickly!
    What is the style called?
  8. Thanks! It's the Bayswater Clutch. I did an unboxing.

    I've just uploaded a movie to YouTube!
    You can check it out here:
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  9. Ooh yay! I have the black too but have been considering a second in a fun color-you have the best of both worlds? Congratulations! It is such a useful piece.