A little reveal...

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  1. Swung by the LV boutique today to pick up a little something for my new bag...

    Now if only winter would end so I can start using these pieces!

    ... any guesses? :cool:
  2. Ooooh let's see! Some thing azur? Or vernis??
  3. Something Azur?
  4. Here you go...

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  5. :cool:

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  6. Very nice!!! Congrats!!!
  7. Two great springy items! Congrats!! Is that the speedy 30?
  8. Thank you! Yes, it's the Speedy 30 :smile:
  9. Very very nice !! I have a cles in monogram and I love it and just got a speedy 30 and I am in love with these items !! such a pretty combo !! Yay for spring ! Maybe on the near future lol
  10. Cute! Congrats!!
  11. Congrats!!
  12. I wish we had a like button. Very pretty!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Great buy! I think we can all say we are ready for Spring to be here.
  15. So pretty, it will be perfect with your new bag. Congrats!