A little reveal...

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  1. It is the perfect size for what I needed, I love the drawstring dust cover
    image-2109364071.jpg image-2112186953.jpg
  2. Any guesses??
    image-817547191.jpg image-3852379021.jpg
  3. It is my new pouche toilette 15, it is the perfect size for my makeup, I only wear eye liner and mascara, so I wanted something small
    image-3290085162.jpg image-2656817522.jpg
  4. Nice, congrats...
    What size is this?
  5. It is the 15, I wanted ye smallest one.. It's perfect!!
  6. I am waiting for the cosmetic pouch for Christmas to replace the black Tory burch.. I'm so close to only having LV in my LVs :smile:
  7. It's really cute!
  8. It's on my wish lists too ! How much
    is it if u don't mind sharing ?!? Thanks !!

    Congrats !!!
  9. Very nice! Congrats!
  10. Congrats!!! I love pochr toilette in all sizes!!
  11. I love it, congrats!
  12. That`s gorgeous, congrats!
  13. It was 290, with tax (I live in mass) it came to 303 I LVoe it!! Perfect size!!!
  14. perfect size for just a few things -- congrats!!
  15. Nice..congrats.