A little reveal-ode to lunchbreak at tysons

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  1. I had to meet with someone in northern VA today so I decided to take a quick lunch break at Tysons. I peeked in Hermes & LV for a bit then went over to Tyson's Galleria. I stopped by the Chanel boutique.

    They had the coral red flaps (the color is called rose), but it looks very coral ir. They had a brown timeless clutch and quite a few flaps in black and brown and they still had a jumbo purple (lamb I think) and a smaller darker purple flap (I think it was a mini). I saw at least one of the white flaps with black hardware and the that the large camera bag in grey and in black with gh. They also had some medium.

    I actually went in to look at wallets as I want to get a medium sized wallet with good storage. I was looking when I saw IT... I caved like a cheap suit :graucho:

    I won't draw this out too much, but a little something came home with me.

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  2. I was there today too, must have missed you! Take it off I am dying to see what you picked up!
  3. I can't believe I'm in time for a reveal- so excited!
  4. I am not one to have an everlasting reveal, but this is fun!

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  5. such a tease:P
  6. I have been reading posts in random areas waiting for you to show it all!
  7. Oh yay! I'm never in time for reveals usually! :woohoo:
  8. Reveal, reveal!!! This is killing me!
  9. It is an item I have been wanting for a while, but I wanted one with color.

    Here are two more pics, only one to go!

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  10. I wanna see it!! Reveal!
  11. Waiting patiently...:biggrin:
  12. whew, thought I missed it!
  13. And without further ado- please meet my card holder in rose. I am going to use it for my business cards and to keep appointment cards and business cards I get from others.

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  14. Love those!! Congrats!!!
  15. Hey ronsdiva - that is such a pretty colour!! Congrats - now you need a pair of CLs in matching bubblegum pink :P