A Little Retail Therapy Goes A Long Way

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  1. Love everything! That is some serious retail therapy- the best kind!
  2. Ooooo I LOVE your kelly wallet!!! TDF!!! COngratulations on all of your goodies!!!
  3. Beautiful goodies, love the pochette
  4. i somehow need retail therapy daily lately. good for the mood but bad for the wallet :smile:
  5. Nice purchases!! I love all your new acquisitions!
  6. Love all your new purchases-especially the Kelly wallet! That's some serious retail therapy!
  7. everything is beautiful!!
  8. All these KPs around lately make me dizzy, I just love them:love:. Congrats on your gorgeous buys!
  9. I love the KP! And your scarf is gorgeous, too. I'll always have a soft spot for Brides de Gala -- it was my first scarf, many, many years ago. Sorry to hear about your rough week. Hope all the orange lifted your spirits!
  10. Wow, what wonderful things - I love the Kelly wallet. Isn't retail therapy wonderful?!?
  11. great therapy, great loot!

    I think I need to go and get some "therapy" soon...:P

  12. nothing beats bright orange boxes to take away your stress!! My SA actually called me on Friday with a laundry list of goodies since they got in a new shipment, but alas, I resisted temptation... I'm holding out for my grail bag. ok, ok, I mean my grail bagS, with a capital S! But jp, your new goodies are absolutely beautiful... you've got great taste!!
  13. Thanks Kelly 32. I really need to follow your lead and should try to steer away from the temptation. I promised myself that I will steer clear of the H store for the month of April since I need to build up my reserves again for future H purchases. Since Monday is still March, may I ask which store just received the new shipment....Madison or Wall St? :shame:
  14. lovely loot!
  15. Everything is so gorgeous! Congratulations!
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