A Little Retail Therapy Goes A Long Way

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  1. Thanks, Hermesmonkey. I actually thought of you as I was purchasing the kp. My SA told me that another SA had it on hold for a customer, but the customer passed on it so my SA got a hold of it. Since you are frequently at the Wall St H and also looking for clutches, I wondered whether the other SA was holding this kp for you.

    I guess having both in black is okay since I don't plan on using them together. I did get everything at Wall Street. Wall Street is very dangerous for my wallet since I live and work within walking distance from the H store. Let me know when you're off your ban... we can hit Wall Street together!
  2. Thank you everyone for all your kind words! It's really great to be able to share my H purchases with the members here who can truly understand the healing powers of retail therapy. Dh just doesn't seem to get it....his solution is to have a glass of wine to relax....which is okay, but not as relaxing as coming home with those orange boxes!
  3. oh congratulations!!!! what great goodies!!
    Beautiful kelly wallet, that would definitely soothe away my worries. (except money worries, LOL!)

    so, for your kelly longue....may I suggest raisin box or rouge h box? or...gris???

  4. MsPiggy, I'm definitely staying away from black for the KL. A red KL would be great if I can find one. Should I just wait for the kelly cut if the KL is being discontinued?
  5. I've seen VB's gold KL and it is a great color for the KL. I will definitely consider this color.
  6. Thanks CobaltBlue. A raisin KL would be beautiful. So far, I'm leaning towards three colors: raisin, gold, and red (not sure which red yet though). I need to give my SA a few options since the KL might be hard to come by if it is being discontinued.
  7. OMG jp, major haul!!! Beautiful goodies! Congratulations!
  8. it's all lovely, wow, you are lucky, congrats
  9. Wow, absolutely lovely H!!! I'm drooling! :drool: Congratulations!!!
  10. Gorgeous choices, enjoy them!
  11. Lovely!

    Just like Posh...
  12. I love everything!! I love the zipper pull on the Kelly wallet, the mini Brides de Gala is gorgeous, and the Kelly pochette :drool:

    Enjoy them all!!
  13. Love your new purchases! Congratulations! A little retail therapy goes a long way.
  14. Sorry about the stress, remember to take care of yourself! Beautiful items, absolutely gorgeous!
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