A Little Retail Therapy Goes A Long Way

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  1. oh i can't wait to see :nuts::yahoo:
  2. So once I returned to H, my SA was waiting for me with this kp in his hands. Apparently, he found it in the back while he was returning the 25 kelly that I tried on before.

    It's a black swift kp with gh.

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  3. I am so excited. Love the scarf and the Kelly wallet but I still can wait to see the rest.:nuts:

  5. I really do love both the kelly wallet and the kp. I'm just wondering on whether it makes sense to have both in black? My SA is also on the lookout for a kelly longue for me. However, we both decided that it shouldn't black. Any suggestions for a color for the KL?
  6. Gorgeous pictures! :nuts:
  7. jp, Congrats on your H loot. :smile:
  8. Gorgeous KP, love the smooth black leather with gold hardware, yum!! Maybe go for a colour colour other than black(!) for the KL, though I understand KLs are being discontinued, so it might not be easy to get the colour you hanker. Red, orange, pale colours?
  9. The KP is sooo cute- it looks fantastic in black swift!
  10. A black KP is so versatile and can go with everything from jeans to formal dresses so my vote is for black KP if you only want one in black. The Kelly wallet can be another color if you don't want black -- something bright or a neutral.
    As for KL color, if you want non-black dark how about a dark brown? I think someoneon tpf has one in havane, and I've seen one that an SA said was marron fonce. There is also toundra (a kind of olive/brown). Victoria Beckham has one that looks to me like gold with white stitching. If you want a light neutral, parchemin is totally gorgeous.
  11. jp824, love everything!! I passed on a KL earlier this week..it was rose dragee..beautiful, but vvv thin. Not that practical for me. As for having the wallet and the KP in both black, you probably won't be carrying the wallet with the KP? Your wallet is chevre! gorgeous!!!

    Did you get everything at Wall Street? One of these days, we are going to run into each other....when I am off the ban!

    Love ALL your things!! This week was rough, so great to have some H therapy!:yes:
  12. You had a great retail therapy day! What a great shopping experience.
  13. beautiful KP! Congratulations!!!
  14. Cool new stuff! I am in love with that KP. I hope you pose some modeling photos.
  15. congrats!!! cute kelly.....
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