A Little Retail Therapy Goes A Long Way

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  1. It has been a very stressful week at work. I was stressing so much that I started to lose sleep over the course of the week. By midweek, my SA called to inform me that he finally found one of the items that I wanted. I figured I can use some retail therapy by then so I purchase it over the phone but I asked my SA to hold it until I can pick it up on Friday. Well, this little purchase really got me through the week. Having a little H box waiting for you just seems to ease some of that stress away!

    Well, Friday comes and as it turns out, I must have needed a little bit more retail therapy. So here are the little goodies that I came home with.

    Anyone care to guess?

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  2. A scarf. kelly wallet and evelyn? Because they look like the boxes of things I have bought recently. :P
  3. You got two out of three! Not bad!
  4. Can't wait to see all of them. I'm with you on the retail therapy. And I did the same thing last week. It does help, doesn't?
  5. Joy --retail therapy is the only thing that keeps me sane;)

    Here's the first box. A brides de gala cotton scarf.

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  6. oops - the larger box is not as big as i thought! shoes? the new wedges?
  7. Gotta love orange boxes!! Someone said Kelly wallet??
  8. Not shoes. DH though the same thing when he caught me taking it out the bag. I just told him it was an old pair of H shoes that I was bringing home from work. LOL.
  9. Yes, the second one is a black kelly wallet with ph. I forgot the leather. Does anyone know what leather kelly wallets come in?

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  10. what a great way for therapy..:yes:
  11. I think the wallets come either in Chevre (goat) or Epsom. This looks like Chevre? I love Chevre wallet. So beautiful with the sheen. Don't you love the mini Kelly lock inside? And you could double it up as a clutch too!
  12. Well, this third one was really unexpected. I was on my way home when my SA called and asked me if I can come back to the store because he just found something in the back that I should see.

    Here's a clue ---This is the same item that another TPFer recently revealed.
  13. Thanks Ms Piggy! I believe it is chevre. I do love the mini Kelly lock and the fact that this wallet can serve a dual purpose.
  14. Am so bad at this. Any more clues? Is it a bag?
  15. Beautiful goodies!!!! I love your Kelly wallet!!!!!
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