A little red .....

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  1. A725806C-E6B0-4505-8C5A-67AF866FED85.jpeg 7DDD5B62-ED5A-4E8C-BFF8-8FFA7C864823.jpeg picked this up today, diamond with 18K gold.
  2. How beautiful!
  3. Gorgeous! Reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor.
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  4. I just fell over......that is gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. Amazing!!
  6. Amazing!!
  7. +1000 amazing!
    This thread must be immediately renamed “a lot of red”!
    Please give us specs and more pics
    It’s gorgeous ❤️
  8. Wow! That is absolutely stunning and looks beautiful on your hand - would also love to hear specs and see more pics! :heart:
  9. Perfect match...ring and nails! :heart:
  10. This is gorgeous, and you wear it well!!
  11. WOW. :loveeyes: And the bracelet, too!!
  12. WOWZA!!!!
  13. Lovely ! please send more photos :smile:
  14. Gorgeous! Wear it in good health!
  15. Details
    And more photos please