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  1. Please note that there will be a little re-arranging happening in LV - please be patient as I think you will like the results. ;)

    For some reason, the "What's Inside Your LV?" thread did not leave behind a re-direct as I had selected... it is now a sticky in the Clubhouse.

    This will be a very slow process - if you can't locate something, please take a look around the sub-forums or do a search. I will try my best to leave re-directs and more info in this thread as things happen.

    Thank you for your cooperation! :heart:
  2. Date Code Questions has been moved to the Date Codes subforum in the LV Reference Library
  3. Your LV in Action is now a sticky in the Clubhouse
  4. New subforum in the LV Reference Library:

    Limited Edition/ Runway Bags by Season

    The Ultimate LE... thread and the matching Comments thread have been moved there...
  5. Hey guys... I started adding a few pics in the "Date Code Locations" thread.

    I have about 45 more folders of different lines to add watermarks to, so I'll be adding little by little. They will be posted by line in alphabetical order so it can have a bit of organization. ;)
  6. Threads are being posted on LE/ Runway Bags in the Reference Library.

    Please DO NOT post in those threads. Thank you!
  7. A HUGE thank you goes out to twiggers for all her hard work on the LE/ Runway threads in the LV Reference Library!
  8. We've decided to open up the FAQs section for posting.

    Please read the READ ME post BEFORE you start posting. Thank you!


    Apparently, people have been having trouble posting in that section... I've let Vlad know and hopefully, he can adjust the settings soon. Hang in there!
  9. The Date Code Information thread has been updated
  10. The FAQs should be available for posting now... give it a try. Any problems, please PM me. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.