A little question.. is this rude or..?


Mar 12, 2007
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i always empty the purse that i need to bring in (either for repair or cleaning) and put it into a shopping bag and then use another purse just in case they need to take it for a while.

i got salt(last winter) walking into the mall probably in the parking lot and noticed it when i got in, took the bag to LV and they took the whole thing in the bag (with my wallets and stuff) and cleaned it up for me right away!! so.. if you KNOW it will have to be sent off, then use another bag for the day


~~LVoes LV~~
Nov 24, 2007
I'm so sorry to hear that...I would be very sad if that happened to me. But i thought LV has really good quality leather? Your bag is pretty new to be peeling. If it was me, I would definitely bring the bag and have it replaced or if they don't have it in their store, change it to a different item with the same price or higher. I won't accept it if they don't replace my bag! I don't know with you but that's just me....