A little question.. is this rude or..?

  1. I was wondering If I should visit the LV at the mall near my house after school tomorrow to get my bag examined.. The glaze on the handles are peeling.. and the bag is only roughly 3 months old.. If it would be rude to be using the bag and taking it into the store to get examined? Should I use a different bag for the day and take the bag in empty?... >< I really don't know what to do!! My poor LV T_T I'm hoping I don't have to part it for weeks if it has to be sent in for repairs!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!
    (I don't know if this is mean.. but a little part of me wishes they would just exchange the damier for a new one.. :sad:..)


  2. It is not rude at all. The only thing is if they insist on sending in for repairs you will have no purse to put your stuff into when you leave LV
  3. I would take another bag with your stuff in it in case you have to leave the LV at the store.

    And how is the glaze "peeling"??? (granted, I only bought my damiers recently...)
  4. The glaze is peeling at the part where you would hold the bag (in your hand) the edges is lifting from the leather handles :sad: It's very small but i'm afraid If I hold the bag in my hand (not the nook of my arm) it'll peel even more!! T______T
  5. Also.. does anyone know if I need to bring anything else in with me? Like the dust bag or something.. or just a receipt and the bag itself? :sad:

    I'm stressing over this :sad:(
  6. should it do that?!?!?!

    as i've said, I havent had monogrammed LV bags for very long, but the leather should 'peel' where you handle it should it? It should just start wearing in like good leathers do...

    I had a monogrammed agenda 10 years ago (before someone stole it!) and it never peeled.... hmmm... although the white/cream edging of the suahili black agenda to my great disappointment started cracking and coming off. Hmph.

    anyway, I digress, did you buy it in the store or eBay/second hand?
    (sorry I'm not qualified to answer, I want to know too!)
  7. bring t
  8. Take it into LV and see what they say....I'd just take it in a separate bag.
  9. I would bring the receipt
  10. I would go to an LV Boutique and have them look at it, but use a different purse and bring your receipt. Be prepared to leave it there, as they'll probably offer/suggest to fix it ... I doubt that they'll replace it with a brand new one though ... sorry!
  11. ^^
    Agree with above statements.
  12. If you don't want to carry two purses maybe you could put a cotton/linen tote in your bag and use that should you need to leave your LV.

    Hope you solve the problem with your bag!
  13. You would not be rude if you use it, but if they are going to send it off then what are you going to carry your stuff home in??
  14. ^^The SA would offer you the LV paper bag to put your stuff in if you were to decide to let them send your bag in for repair. Make sure and bring in your receipt-GOOD LUCK!:yes:~