A little punch?

  1. Firstly, I got my PCE card (first one ever for me as I am new to Coach) :yahoo:

    So I went to the store during lunch and they are holding the one remaining medium Carly in sig with gold trim that they have in stock. :yahoo:

    So I walked all around looking to narrow down what else I'd like to get... and I tried on the sig stripe demi in punch. I never thought the color would work for me - I am not sure why I thought this but I did - but when I picked it up I fell in love. They only had two left. The SA said he would stick in my hold bag with the Carly. :yahoo:

    But before I get too excited... will I really use this bag? Am I too old for this color? I am 35. What kind of outfits will it work well with? I work in an office - fairly professional but not suits for everyone - Since right now I only have signature I was hoping to get leather - maybe the legacy zip top in white... which I guess I could add on - and I want the zoe...

    So to those who have this bag or something similiar - what do you think? How often do you use it? Do you love the color once you bring it home?

    I tried on the flat sandals in the scribble pattern - they had the fragrence pattern too - love them! I will probably get a pair also.
  2. You are NEVER too old for punch. I think it would look great at work if you wore all black with a pink scarf around your neck and some pink heels. Also on the weekend you would use it sooo much.

    Congrats! I cant wait to see pics of your purchases!!!!
  3. 35 isn't too old for that bag!
    I'm almost 35 myself and I love that bag!
    Reasons to get it:
    * It would be good for travel; I hate lugging around a big old bag while sightseeing,etc -- just big enough to put your necessities (passport, lipgloss, money, cards, etc) ..
    * You can wear it cross body so it's sort of a theft deterrent too
    * It'd look cute with punch colored lipstick, nails and toenails
    (I can rationalize any type of purchase).

    Hope you decide to go for it :smile:
  4. IMO punch is great in smaller doses, and the sig stripe demi is soooo cute. That Coach line is very professional looking and would be great for work!

    PS: I got the sig stripe demi with the deep brown stripe...that style looks even better IRL!
  5. i just bought the demi in punch yesterday and love love love it!!!!
    that color is amazing.......and really...not too many options for pink bags lately anyway.........it's a darling bag.so sweet......i had to have something in punch this season and am so glad i bought it
    i am also hoping to purchase the wristlet too....although i hear it is sold out and they will not be making anymore in this color
  6. GO FOR IT!!! I just bought the Sig Stripe Wristlet in Punch 3 days ago (the very last one in the entire mall, including the Coach store) and I love, Love, LOVE IT!!!! I even catch myself looking down at my wrist and thinking HOW CUTE it is!!! Of course, I LOVE Pink, too...it is "my signature color"! I think the demi would be super cute!!!!!
    LOVE IT!! Hope you keep it!
  7. I am thirty and have that purse and get so many complements on it. You will love it.
  8. Ok, I am going to get it :smile: I was so shocked at how much I loved it when I put it on - I never thought that was my color.. Thanks for all the advise!
  9. Good choice! I saw a woman come into DSW yesterday with her teenage daughter and she was carrying that punch demi. It looked great on her!
  10. I think you'll love it! I have the beauty case and mini skinny in punch and love them! I had the demi in punch too but returned it because I decided that I'd use my Carly demi in black more often and didn't need both. But it's a gorgeous bag! It was hard for me to return it!
  11. Punch in moderation can definitely put a punch in your attire. :smile:
    Good luck!
  12. I'm 37 and I love the colors. However, I'm looking at using my PCE cardto purchase my daughter the Signature Stripe Reversible Tote in Punch. But here's the problem. That bag is on backorder....they are releasing 125 more on Wednesday. My problem is....so that I'm guaranteed to get it before they run out I had to go ahead and order (purchase) it. I really want to give to my daughter for her 12th birthday. It should arrive later this week so I'm thinking when I get it I could just return it (unused) and repurchase it using the 25% off. What do you think?
  13. Go for it! If you love it, get it. This way you won't regret. If it doesn't work out, you can always return it.