a little problem but its killing me! pls help!

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  1. hi i took out my new miu miu bow to use for the first time, and i noticed a spot whereby the colour seemed to have being scraped off! its just a tiny spot but it seriously bothers me! i circled the spot on the photos attached.

    please help! what should i do? is there any way to fix this? or do i have to bring it to the store and see what they can do?

    colour of my bow is nero and its a glazed leather.

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  2. Hm.. You could always ask the staff in the store how to do, they should help. Otherwise, if you haven´t used any kind of protecting spray or some other product on the bag, and as it´s made of black leather and the problem is color fade, you could try to put ordinary black colored leather creme on the spot, like for shoes and gloves. It should melt in to the leather and give the spot new color.

    If the spot were there and the bag were damaged when you bought it I would ask the store for a new bag. :smile:

    Good luck!

  3. Bring it to the store and see if they can help you (repair, return etc..). When did you buy it?
  4. Actually is that a scratch/abrasion or the colour is really off? Cos my mini bow, distressed calfskin, is also very easily scratched, which looks like that but in lines.

    I cant believe the colour can come off so easily!! Its supposed to be of good quality. Sigh.