A little pressie for me

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  1. One of my new year's resolutions was to get back into shape and I joined a boot camp at the local fitness studio in my neighbourhood.

    At the beginning of the boot camp we had to write down or fitness goals and our reward if we achieved them. Yesterday was the "mid-term" fitness evaluation and I achieved the goals I set for myself. :yahoo: So, I had to go and get my reward at H!

    This is what I got. And, yes, my pup got into the unveiling too!:smile:
  2. Come on, what is it?
  3. congratualtions! the "present" is exciting but the other part just as much!
  4. Oh, here it is... sans chien.
  5. OH, I cannot wait to see! Open that box!
  6. Okay, a she want's to sneak a look out to make sure the dog isn't around.
  7. Someone says, "I love my new doggy bed and I look beautiful on it!"
  8. lovely scarf - what a great incentive to reach your goals!
  9. But I have to say "No, little boy, this isn't for you." In the end, he gets the bag! (And a doggie treat!)
  10. OH, I love this picture!!!


    beautiful choice, congratulations to you!!!!
  11. Congratulations!!! So beautiful! and i love your Springer Spaniel- I had one growing up, and it is such a lovely breed!!!
  12. oh how pretty! and what a precious dog!
  13. Great pressie! I'm proud of your reaching your goal....feeling healthy and fit!

    Your doggie says it all "Wheres my scarf mommy? Huh?"
  14. Wow! Quite a scarf! And a cute poochie!
    Congrats on reaching your goal!
  15. Beautiful scarf and dog, too!!