A little Prada reveal

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  1. Bought this wallet not so long ago. I had been eyeing it for a while and snatched it up at the last big sale at Saks.

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  2. Very nice wallet! Enjoy!! BTW, I have the same handbag that you have in your avatar!
  3. oh nice! I always look at this wallet on bluefly and wonder what it looks like in person! Enjoy it!
  4. I bought that wallet (same print and color) except in the continental zip around version from BlueFly but I didn't like the colors. I really wanted to like them but I ended up sending it back, the tans were too predominant for me. I love the print though, it it gorgeous and so unique. If I could find it in the pink or blue I would snatch it up for sure.
  5. Congrats!!!! Cute wallet!
  6. The blue looks gorgeous on BF's website but in person looked sad & dirty. Else I would have bought that also. I love the little bling this brings into my bag.
  7. Thanks... That was my first LV this year for Mother's day. I have since added the Trevi PM (which I have loved forever) to my collection.
  8. Great buy congrats
  9. congrats
  10. So pretty!
  11. Cutee! Looks fantastic. Enjoy!
  12. It's lovely, congratulations and enjoy!
  13. Congrats!!! Very nice ~
  14. Very pretty! Congrats & enjoy!
  15. that wallet is just so pretty! I love the design on it