A little Plum Crash for Christmas...

  1. I am very fortunate to be the recipient of an act of kindness by a wonderful and generous friend. Today I received a gorgeous Whisper To Me in Plum Crash leather as a Christmas gift. :heart:

    I really love the bag; it is roomy enough to hold A4 papers and even a laptop in a case, but it does not look too big on my frame. The color is the most unusual I've seen, sometimes purple, sometimes burgundy and occasionally black. This is my first Belen Echandia bag, and I am very happy with it, plus downright amazed at the kindness and generosity of the person who gave it to me.

    Here are a few pictures - I cannot capture the color well, but I tried my best. I prefer to wear it with the shorter shoulder strap, with the handles tucked in.


  2. Wow! beautiful! looks stunning on you!!
  3. Lucky you!! I have a WTM midi in black , is an amazing bag. It looks great on you .Congrats.
  4. You are so gorgeous!!! You rock that bag.
  5. Girl! What a fabulous friend! This is my dream bag! I am fortunately getting the plum crash in another style but this bag IMHO is the most stunning of all the styles in this leather! It is beautiful on you! Wear it in good health!
  6. Just beautiful - you wear it well, Merika! Congrats :tup:!
  7. Absolutely georgous!! Especially with your lilac top!! Is it the midi? I have the midi on order and am so excited!

    Enjoy! What a wonderful friend!
  8. Merika, I think I have a pretty good idea who your friend is, and all I can say is she is ONE IN A MILLION! I :heart: her!!!

    Beautiful bag for a beautiful lady. :smile:
  9. It's not the midi, I think the midi is smaller. This measures about 17" X 14". I am 5'6" tall.

    And my friend is wonderful indeed!
  10. Wow - that bag is PERFECT for you! The size, the style, the color - everything works perfectly - it looks like you two were made for each other. Congratulations! And it sounds like that friend deserves some awesome homemade goodies.
  11. Thank you euridice, Giovanna, gga, tlloveshim (so you're here now!), audball, sandisandiego, circoit and Contessa!
  12. Oh my good good. :faint: Beautiful!
  13. Simply amazing present from what must be one of the best friends ine world. They must know you pretty well too because that bag suits you perfectly - like it was designed for you. Merry Christmas! :heart:
  14. Wow what an amazing gift! The bag looks fabulous on you!
  15. I totally agree with everyone else. That bag is perfect for you!:woohoo: