A little piece of H exotic......

  1. Since discovering tPF not too long ago, my H "to buy" list has grown from 2 items to 20+ items. :nuts: What I wanted to ask is.......

    Since it will be a long time until I can afford an exotic bag (a Red Croc Kelly would be ideal)...what small H items could I get to "quench my thirst" :drool:for something exotic? Prices would be helpful.

    My plan was to get a head start on the H accessories in a rainbow of colors (have spent much time in the Rainbow thread) so that when my Gold Birkin finally arrives, it will truly be a harmonious event. :yahoo:Im also considering an Etoupe or Blue Brighton Clemence Victoria FT 35 to occupy my time until I get that phone call from my SA.
  2. Tough one
    I think I might be tempted to save the money and put it towards the croc bag,

    But I think I would go for a croc belt myself

    When are you hoping to get the birkin remember to post pics
  3. yay, i say croc belt too!
  4. or a croc bearn keyholder....
  5. Yeah, I agree with the croc belt! :yes: I'm contemplating to get one myself. Haven't decided on which color yet.
  6. hmmmm....well I bought myself a nice Ostrich Bern wallet a tad bit ago and that tied me over for a while........
  7. At Wall Street, I saw beautiful croc & 18k jewelry!!!
  8. Yes! This is the only piece of croc I am actually thinking of getting some day:yes:
  9. really, I should just extinguish this little infatuation and focus on the neccessities. I need to save for the Birkin, Victoria FT and some bright colored (non-exotic) accessories. I think I just needed some sense slapped into me. Thanks ladies.:p