A little pick me up!

  1. I am stressing with finals and really shouldn't be buying anything given all my recent purchases, but was in desparate need of some retail therapy... I found these on Zappos, they're from Dr.Scholl's so they should be comfy (and cheap! :shame: )

    What do you think? Love em? Hate em?
    filpflops1.jpg filpflops2.jpg
  2. i think they are cute! i love dragon flies!
  3. Thanks! I'm normally not too crazy about rhinstones on shoes (esp big ones like that smack in the middle for the dragonfly's head) but these I actually like. I'm more of a butterfly person myself, so I justify these by thinking that the dragonfly looks like a butterfly with a tail ;)
  4. Cute!
  5. These are super cute, go for it!
  6. Those are so pretty!!! I've never seen anything like them. I'd go for them (trust me, retail therapy is the BEST for exam time).

    And if you're making an order from Zappos (free ship) would you look into my M.J. Yes/No thread again?? :biggrin:
  7. Thanks guys... just ordered!

    And Lyn2005 I'll PM you.
  8. omg jeannie, those are ADORABLE!! i LOVE them and you definitely need them!!

    good luck with finals!
  9. Thanks mello yello jen!!! They had it in white too but I thought the turquoise looked prettier. :smile:
  10. very cute!
  11. Me too! Theyre adorable Jeannie!
  12. Thanks~~~ I'll have to see what they look like IRL when they come... but for now I think they're a good buy. I'll post pics when I get them! ;)
  13. Those are real cute.
  14. Love them!! You're assured dozens of compliments!
  15. very cute and above all they seem to be so comfy!