A little peeved...

  1. I have to vent...

    I purchased an LV bag for my SIL using my e-bay account. The auction ended last Friday and I sent the seller an e-mail immediately after it ended to let her know the item was paid. She indicated she would send the item on Saturday and forward the tracking # to me. I sent her another message yesterday requesting the tracking # and as of today, Tuesday, I still have not heard from the seller.

    My SIL is disappointed and frankly, so am I. She was apprehensive about purchasing something from e-bay; however, I convinced her that it was alright since the seller is a TPF member...:sad:
  2. That is disappointing, and very frustrating. Maybe she has a logical explanation, but hard to know if she does not respond back. Is she a regular member or someone who may have posted one time or not at all?
  3. Did you try messaging her here? has she been online recently?
  4. She has been on as recent as yesterday. Since it's an e-bay transaction, I did not want to PM her and involve TPF. With that being said, I'm sure someone will ask - then why did I mention it here. Well for one, I am a TPF member and wanted to get feedback from everyone...
  5. She is a regular poster. I am sure she has an explanation, not here to bash her. Just looking for feedback from other e-bayers as to how long do I wait before contacting her again if I don't get a response? TIA
  6. IF I were you, I would've contacted her on here if she refused to reply to my eBay emails. :p
  7. I always err on the side of giving people the benefit of the doubt but admit I would have higher expectations of a TPFer than a regular Ebayer whilst realising this was a ridiculous difference. I also know though that as a fulltime working mother of two with a million and one other commitments that it doesn't take much to throw me off schedule, so for me it would be a friendly message with an apology for being intrusive/hassling via eBay and waiting for a further 48 hours before I explored other options. I know I sometimes have time to log in, read one or two threads, maybe post a brief response on TPF but not deal with anything that involves thought/detailed replies etc - maybe when she logged on, she was in one of those 'just taking a peek' phases of a packed day?
  8. gosh how annoying. try sending another e-mail requesting tracking info. If 7 days passes and still no response I would open a dispute.
  9. have you heard back?
  10. request her contact information from eBay. you can get her phone # if you are getting anxious.
  11. You are ragging at a seller for only 3 days, two of which were a weekend? Geez, take a chill pill and relax....give them time to ship it out, and the post office to deliver it. Sellers are busy....ebay is alot of work, especially if you list in volume, they don't always have time to respond to every email asking for a tracking number. Tracking numbers don't even mean anything until the item is missing, which the post office considers 21 days....you are on day 5...2 of which was a weekend. Relax, it'll be there.
  12. I have been where you are and it is stressful.
    However, more than likely she is just away.

    Try to relax and in the meantime you could get her contact info through ebay.
  13. The seller should've honored her agreement to ship the bag Saturday, or at the very least, offered an explanation as to why she's been unable to. Unprofessional conduct on her part.
  14. I thank you kindly for your input. I will keep in mind to 'relax' and take a 'chill pill' and keep from 'ragging' on a seller.
  15. Heard from her late Tuesday. It shipped Monday afternoon.