A little peep show: PARIS

  1. and she caught everyone's attention..... AGAIN....
  2. I don't know why they bothered to put that pink dot over her crotch...it's not like enough people haven't seen it.
  3. ewww why is she commando???
  4. gosh, did she purposely do that? hmmm...
  5. The world is her oyster!
  6. :sick: she really can't keep her legs closed! :throwup:
  7. Cute outfit though..
  8. I saw the pictures on Bryanboy.com...nasty!!
  9. This is not the first time she got photographed like that (remember that pic from a few years ago?)! You would think the girl learned her lesson.:yucky:
  10. **sigh** I SO wish she would crawl under a rock for while.. Is that too much to ask :shrugs:
  11. Or she could simply cross her legs or I don't know, maybe wear a pair of underwear? Just a thought:idea:
  12. So so so so so gross.
  13. I don't recommend that you look at bryanboy's pics, but if you do look at the close up shot, you will see that (1) she is wearing a thong and it is pushed over to one side (2) she very well may have herpes/warts (3) her "junk" is shriveled, worn-out and nasty looking and she should stop showing it to everyone!
  14. She also looks like she may have a little cellulite going on...I feel better now :lol:
  15. I know she's an adult but do you think her parents say anything to her?