A little over the top for such a simple purchase

Jun 18, 2008
I went to the LV store today just to buy a pad lock for my Speedy. I was thinking it would be a simple pay and go. But just for a Pad lock, the SA (Who was really nice) needed to get my info, I had to fill out a mailing card, I got the fancy receipt with the envelope, and big brown Shopping bag (because they were out of the small shopping bags). I came home and my friend saw the big LV shopping bag and asked. "Oooooh, what did you get?" And I was a little embarrassed when I said, "a Pad Lock"

Deleted member 20806

Hahaha that's too funny. It's like, you could have just given it to me and I could have put it in my pocket!


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Feb 7, 2009
i'm sure it would have been a much different thread if you didn't get all of that great service! enjoy though