A little OT : Haircut and my bag

  1. I finally decided to chop off 12 inches off my hair .. which I have been keeping for 8 years ... ( I now have a really sporty Victoria Beckham inspired BOB) hahaha .... and I realize that I look so much better toting my Toki bags ..

    Don't know if this makes sense but with shorter hair, my bags seems to stand out even more .. maybe I am just crazy or something, but it's really strange ...
  2. wow you cut off a foot length of hair!!! so now ur toki-stylin' even more :smile: i wish i could cut mine short but my hair is thick and i end up looking like a mushroom head or something...hahah congrats!
  3. I think I look more sporty which is who I am really, not really the feminine type. Tokidoki bags are fun and vibrant and my shorter haircut really complement them the best! I have very fine hair and it's getting harder to keep them long. Tangles are the worst.

    It's so liberating to have the stylist pull on my ponytail and SNIP I thought maybe I'll feel some kind of sullen emotion but instead I was ecstatic! Plus, it's only hair, it'll grow back ( but I doubt I'd ever wanted to have the 12 inches back)
  4. omg, that's soo cool!! I bet you're just stylin with your new do and toki bags!!
  5. I've had short hair for a while, partially because my hair takes forever to grow & partially because I prefer short hair. That's a lot of hair to lose, though. Did you donate it?
  6. I would have donated it to Locks of Love but bleached hair are not accepted. I've got tonnes of chemicals residue on my hair which made it practically useless. Feel so sad, had I kept it chemical free, I could have helped someone.
  7. Why don't they take bleached hair? Interesting. I never knew that.
  8. That must have been a liberating experience! And, summer is the right time to do it! I got my hair cut into a shorter bob as well today too. I bring a different tokidoki bag every time I get my hair cut, and the whole salon always goes nuts over them. Sometimes they pass my bags around to check out the characters and pick their favorites! It's great. :smile:
  9. We need pictures!!!!
  10. lol i love shorter hair when wearing me tokesdoki bags! i brings your eyes down to the swing of your hair and therefore the straps of your purse you should post pics of your new hair style...with your favorite bag of course ;)
  11. definitely need hair pictures!!
  12. Congrats on the bob! I did that myself a few months back- I had a foot cut off too! I donated it, but even if your hair was colored, I thought places like Locks of Love could still sell the hair for other things and they use the money to offset their costs. When you donate hair to them, they get to make the call if they can use it or they sell it for funds for the org.
    I agree, the VB bob would highlight the sportiness of the bags, as well as any accessories/clothes. I think that's why you see so many celebrities with shorter hair, it really shows off their style better. Even those with long hair tend to pull it back to look more stylish.
    So...the real question- which print is best with short hair? I vote Adios Star, which is the most chic print to me. Anyone else?
  13. i wanna see your new hair cut! =) sounds cute!! =) you have to show pix cuz you posted it on here and that'll just keep us in suspense! LOL.. pleeeeaseee!!?? post it with a toki bag so it's toki related lol
  14. lol my fave print is adios star bc of the all-over print, but i think the black and white (including tutti) is very chic no matter what season.. it always matches!
  15. i got curious and went to get a measuring tape... from the top of my head to the tips my hair is... drums please... 34 inches long. layered. i knew it was ridiculously long but didnt know the exact measure. last time i checked it was.. like 25inches long. its down to my hips.. im 5'5. booyaaaaa! pink, brown and crappy bleached streaks with other color residuals!

    and i wouldnt cut it to sport a bag. id rather cut the f*cking bag! this is living proof headbangers still rule earth! *does the headbanger hair spinning*

    i rock my bags. like hardcore!