A Little Orange Box.......

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  1. I just got back from Vegas and couldn't resist buying a little something from Hermes.

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  2. Of course, now you'll need to buy a few scarves as well!! :graucho:

    Enjoy your new purchase!!
  3. A classic! Great purchase, pursecrzy! Enjoy it =)
  4. I love it! I was in Vegas too...Isn't that store awesome?

  5. That is a perfcet classic ! You'll enjoy it for long...
    I've seen it worn as a pendant, it is spectacular !:tup:
  6. I love this little something! I have one too, and use it all the time! Congrats!
  7. Candace- I agree it's a great boutique. The SA who helped me was very friendly.

    Hermes drooler- Thanks!

    Alidoll- It was easy to choose a scarf ring but soooo hard to choose a scarf!
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I never thought of wearing it that way.
  9. pc, cute...now you just have to buy a few scarves. :smile:
    Congrats. :smile:
  10. Orange boxes are the best no matter what size!! Congrats to you!!!!
  11. That is really cute. I have tons of scarves, but not ONE scarf ring/tie/thingy!! I may have to just get that one. it's lovely!!
  12. What a great scarf ring - so versatile. Congratulations!!
  13. Congrats, it is so cute!
  14. Congrats ... Any action shots?