a little off topic - Hobo wallets?

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  1. I've been looking for a new wallet and haven't found a Coach one right now that I'm in love with (or that wouldn't be a duplicate style of one I have). I've seen some Hobo International wallets that look like nice quality. Does anyone have one and do you like it?

    Thanks for any input!
  2. i have a HOBO Lauren wallet and I looooooooooooooooooove it!! i know what you mean by finding a wallet ..... it took me years to find one that would actually work for me. As of right now i 2 legit wallets and thats how i'll stay till either one of them bust.

    1) HOBO Lauren wallet :
    • love that it can hold all my cards
    • can double as a clutch
    • i can fit my iphone in it with a thin case
    • has enough room for reciepts

    2) Gathered zip around wallet:
    • love how it zips open big enough to see everything
    • has seperate compartments to split up my cash
    • has so many CC slots for my cards (no need for me to carry a card holder)
  3. Thank you sandyclaws! I need to check them out more closely. The leather on them is so nice and soft!
  4. I have a Hobo international bag that I like very much, well-made and stylish but I don't have any of their wallets.

    I love wallets and I have loads of them, mostly Coach, but to my surprise my all-time absolute favorite is a Marc Jacobs Zip Wallet Clutch that was made in Italy. It holds a ton but yet maintains a slim line and it is beautifully made. I have recently carried this same wallet in about 4 different bags.

    I got very lucky because I found this authentic MJ wallet at the thrift store for only $8 and it was still brand new! It had all the packaging inside of it and the plastic protectors were still on the brass, see the link below.

    MJ still makes and sells this same style wallet but they start at $400 retail and then go up from there. So I won't be buying any more of them even though I love my lucky dark plum wallet!

  5. OMG YES!!!!!!!! i totally remember checking out this thread when you posted it! at that time i was looking at MJ wallets too and they're soooo amazing but a bit too much for me to throw down on a wallet. You def. scored on that wallet!!! lucky lucky you.......but i totally agree those MJ Wallets are TDF!! and soooooooooo yummy.

    OP i hope you can find a wallet you love.
  6. You could also look at Fossil for wallets. I have a near-obsessive devotion to them. I had one for 10 years that still looked great and wasn't worn out at all. The only reason I got rid of it was because I got tired of looking at it after 10 years! I tried a few other brands, including Coach, and sold them off in favor of this "lesser" brand. :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone! I found a beautiful HOBO at Nordstrom's at lunch on a quick mall run. It's the Sadie style and the color is Stone, but it's basically a nice soft gray. I love simple wallets and don't like a bunch of snaps or buckles or zippers. This one has those nice magnets and it basically opens tri-fold and has lots of credit card slots, a window for ID, and really good organization (and a zippered coin area on the back). And it's still slim. I love the leather and think it will go with every bag I have. My first HOBO!

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  8. That color is gorgeous!
  9. congrats!! it looks so soft and amazing!!
  10. Thanks - it really is! The inside has a light blueish color that I think will match the sea mist preston nicely! Not that it matters, but it's a nice coincidence!
  11. Thanks! Maybe instead of buying a lot of Coach wallets I should save up my money and spend it on a few special but expensive wallets!
  12. That's gorgeous, congratulations! A beautiful and functional wallet is an essential accessory! Enjoy!
  13. Love it! I have a couple of Hobo wallets and they are great. You won't regret that purchase.
  14. It's funny how you get to where you can only work out of a certain wallet. I've used a leather Mundi Trifold for well over 15 years now. I'm only on my second one and these are not expensive wallets, LOL.
  15. Thank you - I really love it!