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  1. A good friend of mine spends the summer in Austria...her Email this morning said...
    "you should see the LV store here...they are now putting "your 2 letter monogram" on things along with the LV! Kinda cool...will try to find out more if interested! have fun and see yo in KW in August! xoxo "
    Im so excited I can not stand it...I will keep you all posted as she is my bag twin...as much as I love LV she is a gucci whore..so I know she will get me all sorted on this...CANT WAIT!:yes:
  2. Im hoping this is NOT just the heat stamp thing....
  3. hey, i come from austria ;) i don't understand the 'your 2 letter monogram on things along with the LV'. what does she mean with that?
  4. I have emailed her back and you all will know the details as soon as I do!
  5. ^ cool, thanks!
  6. How cool.
  7. Oh.. I'm not sure what she means by that, but I was at the Louis Vuitton in Vienna about 3 weeks ago ! It's too bad that all shops are closed on Sunday there, so all I have is a picture of myself and the outside. :biggrin:

  8. ^ haha, cute picture. i was there today actually to get a bag heat stamped.
  9. Ayla, that's funny. I did the same thing in April. I was in LA and the LV stores were closed on Sunday, so a friend took pictures of me in front of them!
  10. Aww.. hehe, great minds think alike ! :yes:
  11. Maybe you girls should come to Sydney,Australia.One of the LV opens from mon-sun 10am-10:30pm.:graucho: Cute pic Ayla wish I can go to Europe one day:sad:
  12. Please let us know as soon as you figure out what she means, I am very curious! I wonder if she just found out about the heat stamping?
  13. aw, that's so great! here everything is closed on sunday. :sad:
    i was in venice some weeks ago and all stores were opened, so cool! :yes:
  14. Hello :smile:
    Is there a store in Villach, Austria?
  15. wow this thread is only 3 years old
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