A little more help?


Which Courier?

  1. Ink

  2. Emerald

  3. Rouille

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  1. Lol, y'all are gonna get sick of me!:lol:

    Okay, I think I've decided to get the Courier over the Day - someone said the Day isn't that much bigger than the City, and I need a bag that's a lot bigger, at least for right now.

    However, I now have another dilemma - what colour? Cos as well as the Ink and the Emerald, I've gone and fallen for the Rouille.:smash:

    So I'll explain my situation, and a bit more about myself to help you help me.

    I'm going on vacation in July, to visit a friend in the US. I've never been to her home before, never travelled alone before, even locally, let alone internationally. So I'm a wee bit nervous. I wear mostly jeans, although I'll probably travel in sweats for comfort. Colour-wise, I wear a lot of light/bright colours - pink, blue, green, yellow, brown, cream etc. I'm a colour person. Bright colours make me smile, which is why the Rouille appeals so much. But I'm worried that travelling alone wearing a colour that bright would be effectively painting a target on my back, or a sign saying 'please mug and kill me'.:wondering So would I be better off with the Ink? Does anyone like the Emerald - my favourite colour is green, which is why I'm leaning towards it as well. I do prefer colour to drak/neutrals, esp. for Balenciaga, I just don't want to feel like a target.

  2. english_girl_900, i would get the courier in ink...i bought a day bag over the weekend in rouge & i found it to be too bright a color for a larger size bag...i'm going to return it today for an ink or a grey :smile:
  3. rouille
  4. i'm still loving the INK! Voting for INK!
  5. definetely ink!
  6. am i the only one who voted for emerald? LOL!!! i think it combines a bit of both of what you want, english girl, as emerald is a gorgeous and interesting color suitable for a large bag, but not too flashy. rouille would be a tad too much. that's just my way of thinking, hope it helps! good luck :smile:
  7. silly me, i didn't even notice that emerald was a choice...i've got an emerald purse that i absolutely love :heart:
  8. Ink:yahoo:
  9. I have the Rouille Courier and I love it!!!
  10. Ooooh - do you have a picture of it? I'd really love to see what the Rouille colour looks like on a bag this big.:biggrin:
  11. I like both the Ink and the Rouille, but I think the bright colors look better in the smaller sized bags. So my vote would be for the ink.
  12. i vote for ink also! Very versatile, not flashy, and doesn't get dirty--great for travelling :yes: