A Little LV Story

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  1. I was at my son's school today to give out cupcakes for his birthday. I had my BV on a bench as I was handing out the cupcakes and during cleanup. I turn around and saw 4 girls standing around my bag, one pointing at it.

    Me: Ladies, can I help you?
    Girl1: We were just looking at your bag. My mom has the same one.
    Girl2: My mom has one too.
    Me: :biggrin: Tell your mommies I think they have great taste in bags.

    It was just so funny to see little girls recognize and start looking at bags that age. Way to go moms for teaching your daughters early!
  2. Lol what a cute story, can't wait until my two girls start likeing purses.
  3. Gotta train them early, lol, love it!!!
  4. So cute! My nephew said the same thing about my sister-in-law. He saw my Speedy and said it was the same bag as her Vavin. lol
  5. So cute!

    I have a 4-year-old son and he knows how much I take care of my LVs. He recognizes them when we're out and tells me, "mommy, that looks like your bag" when he sees an LV monogram or a damier (even if it's not the same bag). He also tells on his little cousins who dare put his mommy's bags on the floor! Lol!
  6. That's funnyyyy!!
  7. "dare put his mommy's bag on the floor!" .......LVOE that!!:biggrin:
  8. The LV monogram is really such a recognizable print even my 3 year old son would point at other LVs and say "Look, like mommy's!"
  9. so cute!!
  10. So cute. My bestfriend's little brothers already say stuff like "I'm buying Mommy an LV on her birthday when I get my first job!". Love it!
  11. Lol so cute!!!
  12. lol cute!
  13. Awwwww cute!
  14. thanks for sharing such an adorable story with us! ahaha
  15. That's awesome! My son loves to say that he wants to buy me make-up for my birthday but no purses yet. ;)