A little LV for birthday!

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  1. DH surprised me with a pomme french purse for my birthday.:yahoo:
    He managed to guess my password, log into my LV wishlist, fax it to LV with items circled ( because he had no clue what the names or colours meant:rolleyes: ) and got it sent to his friend's place so I wouldn't find out.
    I've loved the french purse ever since I seen a pic of a mono that someone posted.

    (The red PTI wallet I already had and posted for colour comparsion.)
    IMGP1141.JPG IMGP1142.JPG IMGP1144.JPG
  2. no freakin way! thats sooo sweet!!!!
  3. He's a keeper! I LOVE THE POMME FRENCH PURSE! I'm trying to be good and hold off until amarante..
  4. Happy Birthday!:flowers: awww your dh is such a sweetie! Congrats!
  5. Fabulous gift:yahoo: Happy b-day.:flowers:
  6. so sweet....congrats! love the french purse :smile:
  7. I'm sure you had a great birthday and that's so sweet of your husband! The color is to die for!
  8. omg! that's soo sweet! congrats!
  9. Great DH! Good thing you have a wishlist.
  10. does he have a brother?

    congrats on your new LV and a wonderful & creative DH :smile:
  11. Woow~Congrats!!! A sweet present from a sweet husband:graucho:!!
  12. Awww, sweet hubby! Congrats on your new pomme!
  13. Sweet! I love your french purse! Is it 4cc or 8cc?
  14. Happy Birthday!!! Aww~ congrats on a beautiful pomme PTI and a wonderful hubby, both a Keeper!!! :yahoo:
  15. Ooh, congrats! I'm so jealous! It probably looks fantastic next to your mc alma!