A little love lost for Paddy

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  1. I got mine from NAP and the leather is NOT stiff; in fact, when I was at nordies petting all the paddies mine was the softest, and they had a cream, blue, and whiskey there. The whiskey and cream were the stiffest.

    Here is mine:

    Attached Files:

  2. i think maybe the word stiff is being used wrong. maybe they just mean not soft- like texture wise, it is a little more pebbly.
  3. hmmm perhaps, the whiskey I played with was smooth textured and the leather was stiff, not smooshy. When you set a paddy down it kind of collapses under the weight of the lock; with the whiskey at nordies it was stiff leather, it did not smoosh down.
  4. Yes, at Neiman Marcus, I took all the tissue out and everything and it did not collapse...Fayden, the picture you posted of your's looks way different than the one at Neiman's.

    Hmmm, I'm beginning to wonder if someone returned a fake! Do they do a thorough check before accepting a return at Neiman's?

    I guess I'll just visit the Chloe Boutique, (they currently have a couple of Whiskeys) and I can compare them side by side....

    I dunno, maybe they just slouch more with each use...

    Fayden, was your's slouchy at first sight??
  5. yup my bag in the picture was soon as i took it out of the box!!!!
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