A little love lost for Paddy

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  1. it was the regular silver.
  2. No, it was actually $1720:amazed: I asked why, she said because it's metallic. *shrugs* Does that sound right?
  3. oh yes metallics cost more. my anthracite cost 1720. so it was the large. mine is maybe crinkly crunchy, but wouldn't say stiff.... the silver also costs that much. not sure if the silver leather is treated diffrently.
  4. So let me get this straight....

    The anthracite color is considered a metallic right?...so how come on LVR, they have anthracite listed at the same price as the regular colors???
  5. Good question, I was wondering the same thing.
  6. that is strange, well it's a good deal! so snap it up!
  7. The metallic leather is different from the non-metallic leather. It is definitely stiffer. The whiskey is very slouchy and soft. I felt the anthracite about a week ago. The color is absolutely fabulous but I was digging the leather. It felt too stiff for my tastes. I also didn't care for the silver colored lock. On the display one, it looked like it had been banged up quite a bit.

    All in all, the bag textures are very different, but I much prefer the whiskey, it's definitely more my style.
  8. if i remember correctly, someone emailed them a couple months ago and asked them and they said that the anthracite listed under the metallic paddy was the metallic version of the color and the one listed under the regular paddy was the non-metallic version. i don't know what the non-metallic looks like, though.
  9. I have the Lucy.


    It's so super soft. I love it!
  10. So non-metallic anthracite is basically gray?
  11. The silver is stiffer but it wouldn't look good if it was slouchy. I believe the metallic grey is also a bit stiffer.
  12. here's my anthracite, and you can see even if it does feel stiff, the leather is still very slouchy.

  13. ;) Fayden, That's so gorgeous! It makes me want one now!
  14. yup, i love mine, gonna take it out tomorrow!!!!
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