a little late in the season but

  1. How cute! You have a stunning collection too!
  2. oooooo ahhhhhhhh
  3. looooove that lemon. I'm searching for a lime... hard to find one under $80

    great collection !!
  4. Very cute!! I'm dying to get a Coach umbrella, too!
    Beautiful collection, BTW!
  5. I love the umbrella!
  6. I love your collection!!
  7. Your collection is great -- love the purple signature bag!
  8. :love: the lemon. Congrats!
  9. Very cool! I figure I'll probably end up getting a Coach umbrella eventually. Although, the managers and workers at my old outlet told me that the little ones aren't very good quality and break a lot, but that the long ones with the cane handles are good. Has anyone else experienced that? I'm wondering if they were just talking about a certain batch of them, or all of them.

    Although I don't figure I would be breaking an umbrella unless I lived in Chicago, or in a place with hail the size of golf balls..so I guess it doesn't really matter, does it? *L*
  10. Love the lemon wedge - I've got one too and I use it everyday for my coins. Great collection.
  11. Very cute!!
  12. omg lemon its sooooo cute i want one so bad! congrats!
  13. Oh I love that lemon with the umbrella...congrats!!
  14. I love your collection!^-^