A little indulgence or total avoidance?

  1. For me, that whole "indulge moderately" deal doesn't work. I just have to completely avoid a given indulgence, because one bit and I have to eat the whole bag of chips, whole cake, whatever.

    What works best for you?
  2. i tell myself that indulging moderately...and then i realise that i've pretty much finished the whole packet! :weird:

    it helps to buy things in baby portions..i.e. pre-packaged single servings. it's soooo hard to stop at 1 serving of cherry garcia frozen yogurt!! :nuts:
  3. :shame::shame::shame::shame: Same goes for me.

    I have set up a rule that I can only have sweets outside of my house, so there's no temptation at 2 in the morning and if I don't finish that sweet it stays in the restraunt which has been helping.
  4. Hmm... I always allow myself treats here and there. But at parties, potlucks, or other evil gatherings where it seems "okay" to splurge... boy do I splurge! I truly believe that we can eat watever we want as long as we are responsible. It's all about moderation. Deprivation will only lead to a guilty binge. =(
  5. I've become pretty good at controlling my indulgences. I've never been one to eat an entire package of cookies or bag of chips. It's just wanting to eat them every day, not just sometimes, that gets to me.
  6. I allow myself everything in moderation. Total deprivation just doesn't work for me on a longterm basis.
  7. I go either or. I haven't had chocolate for Lent at all and right after Lent I had some but I didn't have it with the same gusto as I would've normally. I get urges now and then, it just depends if I go for it or not (I'm hoping more not though, LOL).
  8. I don't eat fried food - so I am able to stay away from the "once you pop you can't stop" phenomenon.

    My weakness is definitely cakes though. I have this thing though - I allow myself one day of leftovers and then throw out what's left.

    I just throw it out right away - it is too much temptation. I can't eat like I could when I was in my early 20's - I also use small ice cream bowls (we are talking condiment cup size) and I use baby spoons to eat the ice cream with. This way a pint can actually last the 4 servings the ice cream purports to last.
  9. I always find something similar to satisfy my cravings. So if I really want some chocolate, I opt for some carob chips and fruit rather than candy bars or a bag of candy.

    Although I really do believe that if you really crave something, you should indulge a little. I love brownies and cookies and ice cream. So I eat them. I attempt to do it in moderation- but it is easier if I just don't buy the things!! If I have it here... I WILL eat it
  10. I have to indulge a little, or else I feel deprived!!
  11. Key word is deprived-- and once you start feeling deprived, you can go off the deep end. No one should need to feel deprived in their food choices IMO. :idea:
  12. I used to be either "all in" or not. I.e. I would eat, drink and indulge in whatever I wanted, until I started to gain weight. Then I would go on a super strict diet for a few weeks until I lost the weight again.

    But that's really not healthy and it's stressful, so I've gotten a lot better about just moderating what I eat. I try not to obsess over it, but instead just try to stop eating before I get full, exercise, and don't over drink often (lots of calories there!) I try to make sure that I don't eat when I'm not hungry either. But I certainly enjoy ice cream and my other favorite treats on a regular basis...but I don't just add them in as extras -- if I want a huge ice cream sundae, then I'll have that for lunch and just a small healthy snack later in the afternoon:smile:
  13. I tend to follow an 'All or none' principle when it comes to food and exercise. It's very stressful and I know that it would be much better to practise moderation but I just don't seem to be able to do that!
  14. moderate indulgence work for me coz I am not really into chocolates or sweet foods.. but I eat lots of sour n sometimes, salty food, and that's kinda hard for me to stop at times.....(well my teeth tells me when to stop eating so that's good for me I guess)
  15. i only had to avoid things completely for the first couple of months. once i hadn't had a food for a while the taste was much more intense and a little bit would do. one piece of chocolate, couple bites of icecream, four or five french fries. now if i eat any more than that, it starts to lose its flavor and it's not worth it anyway. sometimes it even makes me sick, so that's a good deterrant. :smile: i'm notorious for taking one bite of something "bad" for me, deciding it's not worth it and throwing the rest away. it drives my husband's family nuts, but i'm skinnier now so i don't care. :smile:

    the only exception to this is ben and jerry's half baked frozen yogurt. i only buy a it if i know that i have enough points left to eat the whole thing. sometimes i suprise myself and put 3/4 or half away for another time...but usually it's just gone. :smile: