A little Illamasqua, anyone? Pics, Questions, Codes, Etc.

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  1. #1 Jan 27, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2010
    Calling all Illamasqua fans! (Or anyone just interested in the brand). ;)

    This is a very new line of cosmetics (launched in 2008 in the UK, in fact) that was inspired by 1920s Berlin. While currently only sold in the States online at select Sephora stores and online, Illamasqua has quickly gained a cult following for their intensely pigmented products and dramatic range of color choices.

    I started this thread as a place for all things Illamasqua - I hope that there are other tPF fans of this brand out there as well. I am curious to hear just what specific products you like best, how you use them, and any reviews you might have. Pics are also really helpful, since this is such a new company.

    Thanks! :heart:
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    My first Illamasqua purchases were encouraged by great reviews on MUA, Sephora, and most of all by the sage advice of Mommyx2, who has great taste in blush. :biggrin:

    Some of these pics are repeats, but I wanted to keep everything organized in one place in case someone else finds it helpful.


    The powder blush and eye shadows here are labeled below, and the white tube to the left is Illamasqua's highlighter in Odyssey (pearl white).

    Matte shadows are my favorites, and I especially like MAC's Matte2 formula, since it is so blendable and you get much better color pay-off than with most matte shadows. That said, I am disappointed in the lack of color choices for Matte2 shadows, especially coming from MAC. On that front, Illamasqua has a clear edge - their shadows are incredibly pigmented, with a wonderful texture and a fantastic color selection (neutrals to brights and everything in between). Most of their eyeshadow line is mattes, but there are some shimmers as well, though I haven't tried those yet.

    The Highlighter is excellent - buildable, easy to dispense, and a little bit goes a long way. You need to work pretty quickly with it, though, because it does dry rapidly. Once it dries, it does not budge until removal, which is a plus. I use mine in the inner corners of my eyes and it does the trick!

    Some labeled pics of the shadows above:



    And a powder blush:


    I have been using Hussy blush every day since I received it last week. It is even more pigmented than the shadows, and definitely requires a light hand and/or a good fan brush. It looks very natural on, though, and I would recommend it for a wide range of skin tones (I am medium olive - NC35 when I don't have a tan at all).

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  3. A few more eyeshadows that I received yesterday:


    My sense is that the colors are very true to their labeling on the Sephora website, at least. "Never" is a straight-up matte navy, "Preen" is a medium purple, etc.

    The brand also sells pigments, cream blush, cake eyeliner, nail polish, cream shadow, lipsticks, face makeup, lip glosses, etc. Their website is amazing, and has a much greater selection that Sephora offers. I think that I may be visiting that website from now on. :graucho:


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  4. FYI: Illamasqua UK website is having a 50% off sale on several products!!!

    (I just saw this). :yahoo:
  5. I may have enabled you to buy Hussy, but you're enabling me to try their matte e/s! You always take such nice pictures! Let's hope that Sephora will start carrying these in-store. :love:

    Do you think you can post swatches for us? Pretty please? :graucho:

    Oh, the only other thing that I've purchased from them other than blush is the sealing gel, but I haven't had the chance to try it yet. I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. Oh no! :sneaky: This may be a bad thing... for my wallet.
  7. I've heard fabulous things about the nail polish from both All Lacquered Up & Scrangie blogs. Dying to try it but on a ban right now.
  8. OMG! I love Illamasqua!!! I want to try their blush creams!!! ahhh!
  9. Yes, I can do swatches! You have my word that I will do them when it's light - I am going with the SO to do his US citizenship ceremony tomorrow, but I can def. do it the next day. :heart:

    And they have a good bunch of things at 50%!! I am loving the color selection, very cool.
  10. I am going to pretend that I didn't read this, Katie. :lol:

    Their polish looks so good - again, I love the colors.
  11. I am a sucker for cream blush, too - but since I have oily skin I have to stay away. :sad:

    Let us know if you try some, devoted! I would love to hear what you think. ;)
  12. PS: swatches please :biggrin:

    And have you tried their cream shadows?
  13. www.asos.com is also having a better than 50% off sale on selected Illamasqua products!!!
  14. I just bought one today in 'Touch' which is a beige colour. I got next day delivery so it'll be here tomorrow, I'll let you know how I like it! Im so excited, its my first Illamasqua purchase :smile: